Have you heard about the mosaic on the Mount Kopaonik?

Besides the Mosaic Apartments, which are located in the center of Kopaonik, there is a genuine mosaic that gave us an inspiration for the name of our apartments. The mosaic, as an art form, had a very significant role in the early Christian and Byzantine art. Thus, the Kopaonik Mosaic was designed as the floor of basilica at the site of Nebeske Stolice (Celestial Seats) or Crkvina (Church Grounds) from the late Antiquity (III or IV century) and the early Christian period (the end of V or VI century), located at 1800m altitude, below the elevation bearing the same name, underneath the very Pančić’s Peak (2017 m AMSL).

This is an intricate mosaic devised in opus tesselatum technique, of which only the peripheral segment in the northeastern part of the nave is still preserved. Supposedly some complex composition represented the central section of the mosaic, around which a frame was laid out, divided into smaller segments decorated with zoomorphic geometric representations, including a bird representation which had its symbolic appreciation related to the spiritual world in the early Christian depictions.